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Originally Posted by pops

What clutch plate is in there Richard ?
Last time I changed a bearing of the outgoing shaft of the gearbox (weak point imho), I also changed the clutch plate. I allready bought a new one, since I would have the gearbox out and therefor had easy access to it.

Iíve put in the new original Sachs clutch plate, since I never had any problems with the original one. The old one I use as a spare, since it was still looking good. Iím not sure how long it was in there.

As for the horses. I once rode into the woods with (wrong) street tires and got stuck pretty bad. (Should have stopped earlier, the cilinders got blocked in the mud). It took me a long time and I got very dirty to get the outfit out of the mud. Ground troops were allready on their way, but just before I got out myself, a couple of horsebackriders that passed by, wanted to help me.

Now the story goes, I needed four horses to pull me out .........

Wars too many, in was I.
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