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Yeah but the foam inserts are heat sensitive and don't last very long before degrading. Agreed, and the balls are cool, but a PIA to install and may pose a problem for away from home tire replacement if you need extra balls or something The tubeless system uses a cheap and easy innertube off of a bicycle or something

The tubeless system is so much more elegant.

Hey Wattner - did you use the stock rim lock location and air valve location on the XRL rims or did you drill out a new hole in the suggested location? I actually installed the front on a new wheel for the CRF front end, and I drilled the new wheel. On the rear, I have a non-stock SUN rim that I drilled with no stock hole. If I had to plug a hole, I would use a small piece of aluminum flashing or flat stock that is slightly larger than the hole and use a Marine Silicone to seal it up, filling the hole on the bottom and smooth to the dimension of the rim.Assuming you moved it, what did you use to fill the stock rim lock hole?

Now that you have the tubeless system have you thought about experimenting with creating your own? Yes, I have... I am experimenting with this system to see if I can improve it or not.. So far looks great!!!Looks like they're using a high pressure bicycle tube to seal the spoke nipples but it's hard to figure what they're using for the red divider between the high pressure tube and the tire's air chamber. I am assuming that and the plastic and steel components utilized that create air inflation system is what makes theirs proprietary and expensive. It really looks like there is way less than $10.00 of hard goods for the unit, plus the stickers and divider that comes with it. Looks like a cash cow if it gets widespread acceptance.

I've thought about experimenting with putting in a valve stem and sealing the spoke nipples and rim interior with an elastomeric coating similar to some of the new roof coatings as a poor man's tubeless system. Thoughts???Absolutely!!!! I actually have looked into this quite extensively and will launch my version sometime along with an entity that I created some while back dealing with specialty Motorcycle needs. The R&D takes significant $$$ and time, I just am time poor at the moment. There are several obstacles to overcome, and I have attended to most with favorable results. There are however drawbacks to the elastomeric method and I am hoping to get all the bugs worked out for my own use, much less trying to market a finished product. I like ideas and sharing ideas... My biggest concern (and may be no concern???) is a rim lock to prevent the tire from slipping on the wheel while sealing as well, another is a field repair should a tire tool or a large nail or object protrude through the tire and damage the elastomeric. I have had objects in tubed tires that may have torn it up (and will the Nuetech tubliss system as well..)....
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