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Hi Jim,

Thanks for shooting us a line.

Out of the gates the REV'IT! Comet is a flat out winner, especially if you liked the r59. Consider the Comet a very large improvement across the board from a composition standpoint.

For your cooler season glove, your heated grips actually give you the ability to go in a few directions in that 40-70 range. Also if you have handguards you have even more flexibility.

A lot of times with heated grips we hear folks have the complaint of the toasty palm with a painfully cold back of the hand. REV'IT! sews in a layer of material called PCM in two of their gloves which regulates distributes warmth from warm parts of the glove to cooler parts. With heated grips this gives you the best chance to have a more consistent temperature throughout. The new for 2009 Kelvin Glove will be the best suited and most sensitive of the two. You would be comfortable in the Kelvin up until the low 60's depending on your preference. From there you can always go back tot the Comet. The Kelvin is a fully wind and waterproof gauntlet.

The other option I would recommend would be the Zenith H20 Glove. It is also a completely waterproof breathable gauntlet but it is meant for a warmer range of temperatures. Your heated grips could bridge that gap though. The Zenith has the REV'IT! lightweight tri-fleece liner and will be more sensitive on the controls than the Kelvin.

The Unix H20 Glove is true winter riding and will be bulkier than the two aforementioned gloves.

I know there is a lot here. Give us a ring, I would be happy to clarify any of this or talk further if you want.



Originally Posted by Jim Goose
I am about to rebuild my glove portfolio/

I have the r59's great glove. So im thinking of 2 pair from revit to cover my needs.

1. A pair of comet's to replace the r59's. I wear these for the best of the season.

2. Something for 40-70 degree's. I put the bike away for st. louis winters.3 months. I can wear silks underneath. IM thinking waterproof, but I want that revit "fit" for feel and control. I have heated grips.

Unix? or h20 ??
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