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Originally Posted by jscompto
I just bought this bike tonight:

It runs, but it needs a LOT of work. All of the electronics have been ripped off and it smokes horribly bad. It shifts through all the gears and stuff though. I suspect that it has a blown head gasket because its leaking oil from the head and from there the entire inside of the exhaust is lined with oil so bad that it spits oil out of the exhaust. Also, the gas tank is rusted so bad that it has actually rusted apart. So, it needs electronics, a wiring harness (maybe), a head gasket and probably some rings, a gas tank, a seat cover, and some other misc. stuff. you can tell that it was abused, but the guy who i got it from had it for about a month and took decent care of it.

I think I could do one of two things with it...Make it a runable bike and fix whats wrong and make it safe to ride. I think that if I invested about 6-800 bucks in things that it needs, I could have a good bike on my hands. OR I could strip it and sell it. what do you guys think?
I am thinking low side $325 not including the engine and frame on EBay. Will the engine bring $225???
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