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I am new to gps, all I have used is the one in my car. I just bought the 478, and I think I might have bought one too advanced for my first one, and I just don't have the patience to spend countless hours reading through forums to just understand the basics. Before buying I tried calling Garmin with a few pre-sales questions and they said there was a 30 minute wait. This alone made me not want to purchase it, but I didnt see an equivalent from any other brands. I have never purchased anything where there was a 30 minute wait just for a sales question. Anyways, here is what I dont understand.

I started by installing the Mapsource, then connected the unit, I search the maps, and the roads in my area I know are not there, just the main highways, lil discouraging, then I go to Utilities>>Unlock Map, thinking I have to unlock the map because all the backroads are not showing, and I get an error message "cannot start unlock map wizard", discouraging again.

So, I try to transfer data from gps unit to mapsource on pc, using the software and receive a message that the gps unit does not have a data card, so I cannot transfer. I cant find a card on the gps, check the manual, and it shows where a slot is for a spare one, but not the main one, feel stupid. Also, there is nothing in the manual that shows anything about creating routes on your PC and transferring to the GPS, discouraging again.

Would it be asking too much to just open some map software, click the roads you want to ride, create a route and transfer to gps? I am planning a trip, TAT, end of August, and its taking a lot of time, getting things ready and I just dont have the time to sit and spend hours trying to learn just basic stuff on a gps.

I want to look at maps on my pc, create routes, and transfer to the gps, don't I need City Navigator? Do I have to purchase this separately?? I cant believe a $600 GPS would not come with the capability to create routes on your pc.

I bought the 478, over the zumo 550, 660, mainly for 2 reasons, I would like to be able to track, and I would like to be able to get gps routes from others that might be routes that are not on roads that are on the map, I thought the 550/660 wouldnt be able to handle this. I alos prefer the buttons over the touchscreen.

In planning the TAT, I have to spend many hours transferring routes from paper maps to gps (I have no idea why I cant just buy the gps files), theres no way I could do this in Mapsource, I only see the main highways, so is my solution to just buy City Navigator, would this take care of my problem? or should I just send this unit back and get the zumo that comes with the software for my pc, and seems to have a much less learning curve.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
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