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DreamRider, you have a fine GPS there and yes a little bit of a learning curve, but most of what you are experiencing right now is just some basic annoyances getting your GPS and your software on your PC synched. You would have the same learning curve with Mapsource even if it was the Zumo you bought.

and I can tell you from experience, the 478 is one of the best GPS's to have for doing the TAT.

There are several good threads here on ADV that explain all the things you need to know about navigating around Mapsource, routing tools, waypoint tools, drawing tracks, loading routes, etc. Go spend some time reading them, and it will greatly help and much better then reading the manual or talking to a Garmin Sales Rep.

First off, what disk did you use to install MapSource on your PC? Was it a particular version of City Navigator like City Nav V8 NT or was it called something like "Trip and Waypoint" manager? If it was City Nav, then you should be on your way to having the detailed maps on your PC once you unlock them. If it was just something like Trip and Waypoint Mgr, then you don't have any detailed maps on your PC yet. The first thing you need to grasp is that MapSource is just the "gui" part of the interface that allows you to communicate with your GPS. Other then the basemap of interstates and highways, it really includes no "detailed" maps. Mapsource is the part of the program that allows you to send/receive data like waypoints, routes, & tracks between your PC and your GPS.

Now on to memory. The 478 comes preloaded with the entire US on internal memory. It does have a data card slot which uses Garmin's proprietary memory cards where you could load additional maps like Topo, but its not necessary. Most likely your GPS came with City Nav v8 pre-installed on its internal memory and its already unlocked for your GPS. Now here's the tricky part, in order to show the detailed maps on your PC that you have on your GPS, you have to have the DVD to install the "City Nav v8" data source inside Mapsource. You can't just copy the maps from the GPS. If you got the actual DVD with City Nav v8 on it, you then have those same maps on your PC if you installed them right, you just need to unlock them. You only need a unique unlock code for your GPS which it already has. Your PC can use the same unlock code as many times as it wants. There is a way to get the unlock code from the GPS using Mapsource.

City Navigator v2010 NT is the latest version of City Nav available for your 478. As posted above, if you bought this 478 new or refurbished, you should be eligible for a free upgrade to 2010 when you register your GPS on Garmin's site. This is the "data" source for your GPS and also the same datasource your MapSource on your PC needs to show detailed roads. You can load several data sources on your PC and switch between them inside MapSource. I have like 8 data sources ranging from topo, to roads & recreation, to Metroguide, to several versions of City Nav. I only have to open MapSource once, and then I can use the drop down box to switch between them. Now keep in mind, your GPS will only have 1 basic data source loaded on its internal memory at any given time. It probably has City Nav V8 right now, but as mentioned, you could upgrade it to 2010. If you wanted to use other data sources like Topo or the older Roads & Recreation, etc, those would need to be loaded onto a separate memory card you would need to buy. BTW, those data sources don't require unlocking, so you don't have to go through all that. Their map data is much older, but it also shows much more data off road which the city nav stuff lacks.

If you didn't get a DVD with your GPS, then getting the maps to your PC might be difficult unless you could get a hold of that particular DVD with the same exact version of City Nav. However, if you are offered a free upgrade by Garmin to move up to City Nav 2010 NT, then by all means, take that. You'll have 2 options to either download it from their site which will update your GPS (and I think your PC too) or order the DVD.

I can't recall if the online update updates your PC also, but if it does, that is probably the cheapest and quickest option, although some people like to have the DVD on hand in case they want to load the City Nav data source on several PC's which is just fine. As I said, only the GPS requires one unique unlock code. You can use that same code on any PC as many times as you want as it doesn't have any checksum included in it.

Once you get your PC and GPS supporting the same map data source, then you are well on your way to be able to learn how to use this GPS and set yourself up for the TAT.
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