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Dakar 2009 Betas - Our Bikes and Dakar Comps

Few Beta pics from Dakar 2009 - 450RRs. 2000kms+, 700 to nearly 5000m, mostly dunes, rock passes or canyons, crosscountry high desert scrub , disimproved roads and bit of tar. Great bikes - numerous flats, a bit of overheating (the desert was hot - imagine) some sluggishness at altitude -but otherwise they made us appear better riders than we were.

Photoboy: Why are they not more popular - they are more so elsewhere. They have very limited production and distribution. But I've seen many more Betas than I've seen Aprilia or Benellis. About the same as 'Bergs - which makes sense. They are Italian - and that puts many people with mechanical backgrounds off straight away. Not warranted, but I understand.

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