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Originally Posted by rtking
I had one for a year. It's a great scooter and perfect for urban scootering. It even kind-of blends in with bicycles at the bike rack.

The Vino 125 is a 50 - 55 mph bike stock. That's on a perfectly level road that happens to be quite long. Plenty of mods available to make it faster. I had added Dr. Pulley sliders (10.5 gram), NCY variator, 1500 rpm torque and clutch springs, 105 main fuel jet, Slipstreamer S-06 windshield, 150 cc overbore kit, and NCY high lift cam to mine. That made it a pretty quick scoot 0-40 mph, and it would top-out around 62 mph on a long, flat surface. Any wind or hills would knock it down to 50 - 55 mph (modified.)

I traded it in after almost a year for the Tmax as I wanted to go faster. But if you don't have a need for 55+ mph speeds consistently, the Vino 125 works great.
I'm getting used to being a city slicker again & wouldn't need to go faster than 50 or so to commute to work, even though I'd end up modding it... Stock is so boring! I weight under 150 lbs so I have that goin' for me & I live in Kansas so every things flat! What's insurance & stuff cost? I just don't think I can justify spending 3 grand on a scooter when I have less than 1500 bucks in my KZ650 that'll go 130+
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