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Hagerman pass

Originally Posted by wadventure
I'm planning on a large DS ride for Friday.

Here is the rough route. It's around 250 miles.

Leave early to make sure we can get back at a reasonable time.

Either start over Weston, or head straight for Hayden Pass.
From Hayden up the Marshall Pass railroad grade. Gas up in Sargents.
Scoot back up Monarch and ride old Monarch.
Head down and catch Waunita, and Black Sage.
Head north over Cumberland to the town of Tincup.
If we have time we can head up to Mirror lake and take a look at the bottom of Tincup Pass. (I'm not up to Tincup on the 990, so turn around there.)
From here, we'll probably head back over Cottonwood.

If it's early in the day (which I doubt), we can consider Ohio and Kebler, with a return over Hagerman, which adds ALOT of miles. But, I doubt we'll be moving quite this fast.

I'm camped in a Balboa toy hauler in the RV sites. Feel free to stop by. Otherwise, whoever wants to go, try to be there by 730 AM Friday.

There is an attached gpx. Subject to change as I have free time! But, in the end, we'll be doing some riding.

See you then,
Wadventure (Wade)
I have been on the Hagerman out of Leadville. Are you going all the way to Aspen?
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