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Well things seemed to be going great today. I took a ride with the prototype bracket over to my buddies place. He has an '08 990 ADV so I thought it would be a good idea to make sure that the bracket fits the 990 since it has a different kickstand switch.

It seems that the location of my mounting bolts in relation to the right side of the bracket is a problem with the bracket that holds the hall effect switch.

Also the piece that mounts to the kickstand that triggers the switch interferes with the right side of the bracket.

I contacted the owner of the fab shop and luckily they have not started cutting out the brackets yet, they are still waiting for the material to arrive.

It looks like there will be one more rev needed to accomodate the hall effect switch bracket before I go into production. It may be as simple as moving the 3 mouning holes slightly to the right closer to the edge of the bracket, but I want to get together with the fab shop before I make that decision to see what they think.

As it turns out, they are closed this week for vacation so I will not be able to talk to them until early next week.

Sorry for the delay guys. I promise to get this sorted out ASAP.
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