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A Dirt road called to Us ...

Our Dirt roads called to us on Saturday…
I know some of you Inmates have been on this end of BurkesGarden...
We had been on it a few times with the Toyota but never all the way with the Valks..
We would turn around at the halfway point and head back to the main road…
But not this time!!!
Now you know we aren’t riding GS or Dual Sports..
Just our big ole Valkyries… And it can be a challenge..
Even on my BlackBeast...
But we are always game to ride a dirt road…
That is some what in decent shape...
Hmmm.. But I guess after our ride in KY I think we can do just about
any dirt road that we set our minds to..

So we headed over to Burkes Garden

So we took a ride to Burkes Garden up the paved road then we left out the back way..

The road was in great shape nice n hard for the most part …
Only a little wet at one turn… But a few rocky parts.
That really playhard on street tires...
The dirt side does a lot of up and down and over many mountain ridges.
With some great switch backs….

The road was a little ruff in a few places with some rock out crops…

It’s only 11 miles of dirt.. But we had a blast…The whole time…

Don dodged deer , and I saw a nice looking Grouse. And a few snakes.
We stopped at about the halfway mark and took a little walk down a path.
Thought it would be a nice place to camp sometime..

The dirt drops you off on Rt 42 Sharon Springs ..

What my bike looked liked at the halfway point..

and this is what our Valks looked like after the full length of dirt..

Then we took that to rt.621 another cool paved road..
It has wide white lines on the sides of the road with out the center line painted…

That drops you at the top of Big Walker Mountain by the Gen.Store

Then we rode the back way to Wytheville for some sea food at Ocean Bay…

Backtracked a little bit to 621 then to 42 on to Wilderness Rd.
then grabbed rt.16 for more Va.Fun….

One must always try to grab a cool shot…

Stopped in town as they where having a street vendor thingy but we rode to it way to late…
As at 6 pm it was all ready done and finished…. Looked like they had a good turn out…
Downtown Tazewell was having a street dance later in the evening, but we decided to head for home…

All I can say is dang do have some great roads here in SWVA….
Plus it was a grand day for a little dirt riding

Here's a link to a few more photos that didn't make it in the post
A Dirt Road Called to US
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