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Originally Posted by freaking RT
I doubt the egg is still there. it's hanging out in the open, not hidden
It's called "hidden in plain sight." Didn't you ever play "Hide the Thimble" when you were a kid? You can't see the back of the sign coming from either direction. The vegetation around the sign has been chopped off, done earlier this year from the looks of it and I can't imagine it's going to be done again until next year, if then. No one would look at the back of the sign otherwise. Plus, the number of people around there is considerably less than in, say, Times Square.

Of course, anything can happen. If it's not there when you go, go over to the park office and ask them if they know anything about it. I suppose there's a remote chance someone looked out a window at exactly the right time and saw me go behind the sign and got curious enough to investigate, and felt they had to move it.

Go anyway. Like I said in my trip report, it's a beautiful park in the middle of nowhere, a good vacation destination in itself or a good stopping point for trips farther north, and there are an endless number of logging roads in the area for those who like to explore.
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