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Sorta related story:

Years ago, I lived in Los Angeles and met a flight attendant working for Air Canada. Can't remember her name, but we had a great time when she worked their LAX flights and she lived next to a resort area that's near of this tag. The area would be a most excellent ride for the tag. Okay, so much for the story relating to the tag.

She said several times that she would like to show me the beautiful city she lived near. Well, I was working for Lockheed and Air Canada was one of our customers. Out of the blue, my boss transfered me on a couple of weeks notice to the Air Canada office in that city. After arriving, I looked her home number up (easy back then) at the company and the phone conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hey, how's it going?"

Her (French accent): "Good. Where are you? "

Me: "I got transfered to and wondered if you wanted to still show me your beautiful city some time?"

Her (still in her beautiful French accent): "No, that can not be. And you can never call me on this number."

Major WTF and how do you spell "huh" in French???!!! We'd been casual but with a great chemistry, so did I miss something?

Shore 'nuf. I came to learn shortly after from another flight attendant that the husband worked for Air Canada, too. Ooops.
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