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Originally Posted by Countdown
Only takes 8 minutes to make orbit, most of my bike rides last 10-16 hours. Vibe and shock levels are similar, NASA quality may not be good enough.
Man, you're harsh! I believe you about my wiring being non-NASA but....dang....what are you...some kind of electrical engineer?

The reason I did what I did on the connectors is because I wanted a big enough "eye" that would fit the battery terminals but which I could still get that thin little wire into. So, I stripped the wire down, folded it a few times until it "filled" the connecter, crimped it, then soldered it, then put heat-shrink tubing on it.

With my non-NASA-compliant GPS wiring, I rode my bike over 4,000 miles in this trip from Texas to Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah some of it on dirt. Before that, I rode my bike all over Colorado which included a lot of dirt, rough roads, and washboard. So far, it's still working fine.

BTW: I think we may both be flirting with thread crapping now. Thanks for the advice and I'm glad the OP got his original question answered. Bye.
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