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Wow...Where do I begin?

I'm a n00b but I think you guys will enjoy this.

I started transporting cars after my body was too beat up to race motocross for a living (actually, I still race!

After a short while I got hooked up with some Porsche guys. One of them bought me an enclosed trailer to deliver his 906. When you pay that much for a car, what's spending another $6500 to transport it 1000 miles!

I have had the pleasure to deliver some of the most famous, most expensive cars on the planet! I read where someone was going to watch Le Mans again. Well, here is Steve McQueen's (personal) Porsche which was featured in the movie. It's the one in front for those who don't recognize it.

Here was a 5 million dollar load which I towed for 3500 miles.

Some other cars. This is an example of a 'normal' car that I haul!

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