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Originally Posted by iphorde
I remember why I don't like video's.

I don't want to see or listen too idiots saying really stupid shit who have no idea what they're talking. That trail is about as boring as they get.

Btw, some of us can afford the big adventure bike with all of the gear and we tear that shit up.

Have fun with your mud puddles.
Oh no :( you hurt my feel bads, cause my sarcasm went over your head. I just took a hammer to my camcorder, and promise to never make video's again.

The point of the video is; if you have a big adventure bike you should take it off road and beat it up. But there are many people who buy them and don't, and instead baby them, don't use them for the intended purpose. So if you didn't have your head up your ass you would have watched it, and probably laughed. But instead you got offended which makes me think you one of those guys who babies his KTM Adventure. Tell me for real dude, do you have street tires on your Adventure?
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