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I have a set of Gaerne Balanced oiled boots that I got for dual-sporting. If I am doing any serious off-road I slap on my Sidi Crossfires instead for more protection, as the Gaerne's don't offer much. The Sidi's are the most comfortable mx boot I've ever owned, but even still I wouldn't want to walk far in them. The Gaerne Balanced I can walk all day, so it's a trade-off. Now that I have my first trials bike I have more use for the Gaerne's.

I also have a set of Novogar trials boots that I purchased "accidentally", but that's another story. They are a good bit stiffer than the Gaernes and I'm starting to use them more for dual-sporting. Not the protection of an all-out mx boot or the comfort of the Gaerne's, but a decent in-between boot.

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