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Originally Posted by Ursa Major
Nice cab! One of the Brit Porsche mags just called the 968 cab the only Porsche since the Speedster that looks better in convertible form than the coupe. I don't know that I'd go that far, but I really like the 968 cab.
I tend to agree. I think the 968 Cab is the best looking convertible Porsche ever made.

A lot of them came with Tips, unfortunately.
Have you driven a Tiptronic? I test drove a couple and, honestly, some times I wish I' have gone that route. In "shift" mode it's virtually no different than a manual trans, and you have the option of being lazy and putting it in D when driving around town. Compared to the 6 speed, and it's requisite close ratios, it's a lot less work when you don't want to "drive."

I also thought I wanted the 030 option. I'm glad I didn't find one that fit my color/mileage/ etc. requirements. I recently priced replacement shocks. Normal Konis are $300 each, the 030 struts are $650/ each.
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