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Originally Posted by VespaFitz
Every town has some toothless, crazy 82-year-old woodchuck with a thousand vintage cars/motorcycles/tractors/airplanes/one-lunger engines parked all over his property that aren't for sale because "I'm going to restore them someday." These aren't "barn finds." They're "inventory for the estate sale."
knew a guy like this. a couple actually. one wouldn't sell a thing, the other ran a proper junk yard, way off the highway so lots of really great, very old sheet metal out there, kept in an arid climate. so, the second old guy kicks it, his daughter gets the place, sells everything as scrap. and what, 300 cars, 2 huge metal buildings full of parts, hubcaps, badges, hood ornaments. most of the car bodies were queens with good glass, empty engine compartments, sunfucked interiors, but really solid, surface-rust-only queens. they were crushed, stacked on a tractor trailer and gone in a week. all the hotrod guys, body guys in town knew this was going on, went out to talk to the daughter, she wasn't there. she was living in the midwest, the crusher guy was on contract and didn't have the authority to sell and his boss wasn't real interested in putting the local car guys in touch with her (he wanted in and out as quickly as possible).

it was a sad sight,

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