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Originally Posted by VespaFitz
Every town has some toothless, crazy 82-year-old woodchuck with a thousand vintage cars/motorcycles/tractors/airplanes/one-lunger engines parked all over his property that aren't for sale because "I'm going to restore them someday." These aren't "barn finds." They're "inventory for the estate sale."
My favorite on is (was?) in St Genivieve, MO. Haven't been by there in a few years.

His yard is filled with (what WAS) good stuff. He had VERY good taste.
Can't hardly walk between the cars. Trees growing around & through them. FAMOUS for NEVER selling ANYTHING.
Anyway, a local Car Guy talks to him, on & off for years ,trying to get him to sell a certain car. Just that one. For whatever reason, he was not as big a dick to this guy as he had been to everyone else who ever approched him.

One magic day, he agrees to sell that one car! With one big condition.
"If no other car can be disturbed, and no tree trimmed or cut down."

No way to swing a crane boom in. He thought about disassembly/reassembly, but he wanted to do it slowly & carefully in his shop. Ended up getting a helicopter to lift it out of the yard and onto a flatbed on the street. Total cost of car & helicopter was nuts, but by then, all he cared about was being "the guy who finally nailed the Town Virgin".

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