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Originally Posted by Jinx
The one that didn't get away...

Just to have the pleasure of telling them to piss off

No no string him along like a head cheerleader on prom night. A buddy of mine chased after a pan head for a long time until I finally got it through his noggin that the guy had no intention of selling, he just liked having someone want something he had.

There is a local rider I know. Old school beatnik biker machinist. He sort of lives like Von Dutch in his final days...sleeping in a garage with his cool old bikes. Cantankerous old fart, always a pleasure to talk to. He doesnt have any family and he is in his waning days. The vultures are circling his collection. Kind of sad, really. Even a local trust fund kiddy grey market "importer" douchebag is working him. But the old dude is cagey and street-wise and I doubt he much cares what happens with his stuff once he finally siezes his motor for the last time. So who is "working" who is kind of hard to tell.

Which sort of brings up a melancholy thought. None of the next generation in my family are showing much of an inclination toward the "dirtier arts" of bike riding and fixing. So I may well end up being the old fart with a bunch of junk just waiting for a neighborhood kid with an appreciation for filthy old junk.
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