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There was a 1970 Ranchero sitting in our local town since I moved here in '95. Black with that ugly fake wood side that was peeling off. But it had a shaker hood.

I stopped and looked, by golly a real live 429 Cobra Jet shaker hood Ranchero. All original down to every part. Faded and a little rust, but straight. Later I look up the model as a Squire with the big Cobra Jet. One of VERY few it was.

I sniff around and get to the owner. Old time gear head hippy guy on an oxygen producing machine. Said Yeah, a few guys have asked about it. I threw in that I'd built some Fords including a 460 Fairlane, and I'd like to buy this thing and go through it. We had a great chat. Stopped and saw him several times over a couple years, would shoot the shit with him about old days turning wrenches. He couldn't even hardly go outside, and I told him shit we can get that thing fired up and I'll take you for a spin, the whole works, and he thought that was pretty neat. I always made sure he had my number, I live 3 miles from him, and told him to call if he wanted or needed anything. He knew his days were running short. I tried pretty hard not to be a vulture and the guy was pretty cool and we did have several hours of fun conversations, which I think he really appreciated.

One day the Ranchero was gone. His apartment was empty.
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