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Originally Posted by 5Chord
I've read where it (crashing because the sidestand was down at speed) was one the highest causes of fatal motorcycle accidents before the switches became mandatory.

I could see where the stand might come down during a jump, but couldn't you just use a nylon zip-tie or two to secure it during an enduro race or MX session? I had no problems with my TW's stand after getting airborn
I only gave the reason. I don't disable mine because I've never had that cut off problem.

As to crashes due to down stands, I am 99.9999% skeptical that any fatal crashes occur due to this. I've read compilations of crash reports from the US (such as Hurt) and the UK (done by the police there). I never have seen a single entry for this as a cause of crash / injury. Not one.

BTW, the latest crash stat I read was from the UK. The greatest rate of fatalities in bikes comes from guys just riding off the road usually due to not handling a simple curve. No left turns. No cars - nothing. Just guys riding beyond themselves.

My wife's late husband died early from this. He just rode off the road on a clear day with no traffic around.
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