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My issues

Model: XCountry
Year: 2009
Mileage at time of issue: 200/400
Date of occurrence:Sept.2008/Oct. 2008
Modifications (if any): No Evap Cannister
Description of Failure(s): Wouldn't start-battery dead
Resolution (if any): New Voltage Regulator/Battery
First time, BMW roadside sent full-size tow truck next day to have it towed to dealer (120 miles). I had to pay $20 (because it was over $500) in towing fees. Dealer called and said Xco was ready and I drove up there and got it...they just said it was discharged battery and they charged it and it was fine and acted like I was crazy when I told them I had been riding it all week and then one morning doesn't start. Second time-I was on my way to work, stopped for gas, then it wouldn't start. Got my wife to drive my truck to load it up and bring it to house. Once again, BMW roadside sent truck next day back to dealer...this time the towing company gave me break and brought price down to even $500 so I wouldn't have to month later dealer called and said it was ready-had replaced the voltage regulator and battery and said vr was pushing too many volts so it was going straight to ground. I thought why didn't you check it first time when I told you symptoms, but I really haven't had any issues as far as starting since then.
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