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Originally Posted by DireWolf
The inlaws have a:

The first car they ever bought - a '71-ish P1800 ES (Fastback?). Sitting in a garage in Ohio since it shit the bed. I was told we could have it - but the shipping to Oregon would be brutal. Lots of them out here though. It would be a sweet little ride.
If you can, get over there, get it running and drive it back. My brother in law offered me his original owner 1970 Nova with the 250 straight six and turbo 350 auto, a rare combo. He said I could have it if I got it running since it's just sitting there and he bought a new RX7. So my wife and I packed up some tools, hopped on a Greyhound Bus and got to his house 300 miles away. All it took was a points adjustment and we were off. Got 25mpg and could run all day. That three speed really makes a difference and would smoke my friend's Nova with the powerglide. Like an idiot, I sold it to the mailroom clerk at work. She needed a cheap car. Wish I still had it.
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