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Originally Posted by QUIRKSM
Hey douchebag i had that happen to me a few times and i have the exact same mods,minus the sidestand switch mod. it only happened to me when it was cold though, like below 50f. i just chalked it up to the mods making it a little lean right off idle in cold conditions. i haven't had it happen since like march though. i know this is no help but just wanted you to know i had it happen and it hasn't been a problem since the temp went up.
It's been happening to me in a range of temperature, mid to late 70's through miad to late 90's...

Originally Posted by SCQTT
Hey Douchebag!

I got nothing, I just wated to say it.

Carry on.

Originally Posted by BarryM
This is/was a common fault on XT660s. The explanation was that the idle speed set in the ECU was say 1600rpm, and yet in a low gear, maybe 1st or 2nd when coming to rest, before dipping the clutch your revs would drop below 1600 so the ECU said 'game over' and killed the engine.

The fix IIRC was to reduce the idle by 100 to 1500rpm, which in the case of the XT660 could be done through the instrument panel I think. Either way that seemed to fix it for lots of folk.

I wonder if this is what we are seeing here?

Is that a dealer fix, or are there aftermarket options, i.e. GS-911?
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