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Gasket set

Well, we tried to get the '83 XL600 out for a ride up the local mountain after a few short rides on the street.

Half way to the base of the mountain the shift lever started flopping in about a 120 degree arc. Had to truck it back to the house.

The lever is tight on the shaft and the shaft can be easily moved over 100 degrees with little resistance. It looks like we're going to have to tear the whole damned engine down, which we were hoping to avoid.

I've tried to find a complete engine gasket kit but have not seen that on Bike Bandit or Babbit's. Do you have to order several gasket kits? We also want to replace all of the seals while we have it apart.

Am I just not looking in the right place? Any recommendations from you guys who have already experienced this?

Thanks for your time.
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