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O hi O - Amish Country w/Princess & The Toad

Well, wasnt goona do a RR for what was to be a short day and a half spent wandering the backroads of Ohio's Amish Country... but things got a little more interesting that planned....

Day 1 - Friday, Aug 14th

(Not so) Long (or intersting) Way Down

So we started out with a 4hr ride to Wooster, OH (The Western door to Ohio's Amish Country). Leaving after work we planned on getting there about 8pm or so.

Heading South we made great time, which is good.. cuz there aint much to see between here and there.... In fact this is the only pic we took on the way down..

Active Nuke Plant near Port Clinton Ohio

A rather dull ride down, but we arrived safely and even a dull ride is better than a day spent at work ...

Checked into our room and commemced to emptying beer from its containers and loosely planning a route for the next days ride..

Day 2 - Saturday, Aug 14th

Amish Country Here we come.... well... wait a minute.. Houston, we have a problem.

Rise and shine to a breakfast of free stale donuts and watered down coffee... do a once over on the bikes.. air pressure good.. chains.. good.. gear up... insert keys, ignition on...push start... and... wait.. only one of us is running ... Seems as though the battery in Princesses Funduro decided Wooster Ohio would be its resting place...

Ok... dismount... loose the gear.. its getting hot already and its only 9am... after removing the battery we went back into the room without much hope of finding a replacement on a Saturday morning in near Rural Ohio.. checking the internet.. WHAT !!! The Battery House is not only open @ 8am.. its less than 1/4 mile away !!! Lets give them a call... YES !!!! they have the battery in stock.. and he would fill it and charge it on the spot.. we decided to let the battery charge for an hour or so.. and took that time to eat a proper greasy breakfast and get some real coffee at the McDonalds.. Ok.. so $45ish dollars and an hour later.. battery is in bike and we are ON THE ROAD !!!!

Heading South and East from Wooster there are endless (I counted), endless possiblities for a days ride in Amish Country... Didnt really keep a running count on the different roads and/or road types we traveled (wasnt planning on a RR).. id say it was 70/30 in favor of dirt over pavement...but here is what I can recall and theres PICS TOO !!!

Head South towards Loudenville (i know its a little west too) on Rte ??? looking for the first dirt road going our way... didnt take long and we were making tracks down County Hwy ????

Ill post the name or number of the road under if I can remember it..

heres some pics

Sometimes its hard to tell if your on a "County Highway" or a Farmers Driveway... we managed to only do the later once....

Zuck Rd @ Route 715

Lots of Twisty fun and plenty of shade on Route 715

Roadside on 715 - must inspect old strange bridge (in background)

Inspection complete - Couldnt quite get the bikes back there though

Hungry ???

Ok lets eat !!!

How about Mizers Country Kitchen in Warsaw (Ohio that is)

I had the Cow.. she had the Pig... wait.. isnt that a country song ???

Back on the road after a decent lunch @ Mizers... lets go find some more dirt !!!

Found some

Hey whats this road called ???? Where does it go ???

Oh yea... its 413

and it goes here

Hey... wait up !!

Too late.. shes gone...

Back out in front again...


Cows like Funduro's

We saw lots all kinda Buggy's.... One seater's, Two seaters, Plow Buggy's, Family Buggy's, Kid Buggy's.. heres a few

So after about 5 - 6 hours of wandering Ohio's Amish Country we felt a strong thirst for some good ol' Amish wine.... and they closed @ 6pm !!!

So off we rode.. towards Dover to Breitenbach

This is the reason we brought the side cases.... Good ol' Amish Wine...

So after stocking up on all flavors of wine.. we headed out back towards Wooster to settle in for some dinner and of course... some wine....

Epilogue - All in all, it was fun.. a little over 600 miles in all (nothing to write home about).. but lots of good scenery and nice folks in O hi O

and oh yea... if your ever in Wooster and need a battery...

Be sure to check the Battery House.. its there on the left... really it is...

oh and here is some more cows

thanks to MeefZah for his help on our "adventure"
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