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Complete Engine Gasket kit search

When my son told me what was happening, that was my first thought too. You can imagine how disappointed I was to find that the shift lever wasn't the problem and that the shaft was moving freely. Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried Service Honda and they don't list anything (that I can find) for the '83 XL's. Good call on the metal gaskets. We ran into this when we had to replace the valve cover gasket. Even then, we found that we had to use a smidgen of sealant to keep it from weeping in certain spots.

Unless someone else comes up with with an easier (and cheaper) way, It looks like we'll either have to piecemeal the seals and gaskets we need from a couple of different areas on Babbitt's/Bike Bandit or go to our local Honda dealer and really get the shaft.

Thanks for the input guys.
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