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Originally Posted by Waldo308
I've pulled the clutch cover off and looked at the roller wheel and star and they seem to be in position. I have not done anything yet to see if they are loose. I was hoping that this was the problem so I wouldn't have to split the cases.

The only thing that is curious is that it is not in quite the same orientation as shown in the photo in my Clymer's manual. The roller seems to be firmly in position in one of the detents of the star but the star is oriented upside down from what is shown in the illustration. Not sure if that means anything or not.

I have removed the clutch plates, bearing and the cyliinder that presses against the bearing. Now I have to go buy a clutch holding tool so I can remove the nut so the clutch basket can be removed and I can get a closer view of things.

Thanks for the recommendation on the gaskets.
Have you tried stuffing a rag in between the gears to loosen up the nut.
Don't laugh, I did this when I pulled the clutch basket out of my '83 Suzuki GS1100E. It does actually work. You might get lucky.
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