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Clutch basket removal.....

Originally Posted by crag antler
Have you tried stuffing a rag in between the gears to loosen up the nut.
Don't laugh, I did this when I pulled the clutch basket out of my '83 Suzuki GS1100E. It does actually work. You might get lucky.
Originally Posted by HeadTrauma
A rattle gun(impact wrench) will also remove the clutch hub nut without a holder.

Whatever you do, don't get a clutch holder that bolts onto the posts on the center hub. They tend to break those posts off and then you're SOL unless you have a machinist as a friend.
Thank you gentlemen. That's why I'm ask for and receive sage advice from those who have already tread this path and discovered the traps therein.

Tomorrow (if I'm lucky enough to get home from work at a reasonable hour) I'll stuff a lint-free rag in the gears and get out my "rattlegun" (a new term for me.....I like it!) and give 'er a go. I'll let you know how it works out.

Thanks again gents!
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