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Originally Posted by KTMRyder
Looks like a nice bike, hope it sells ok, they are a fun ride huh ?

Are those KTM handguards you have on it ? any problems fitting them ?
I might have to mount up some for the colder months around here.

I bet Hawaii has some good dirtbiking spots.
I watched a program from there and the scenery and trails they showed looked like fun.
Hey there - the handguards were intended for the Adventure. I had to make some adjustements in order for them to fit but it wasn't too bad.

I currently own/am selling multiple street and dirt bikes but I am restricting myself to only one bike on the island. I love leaning a street bike way over but there is something about totally wiping out on a dirt bike that kinda tugs at the heart strings.

There appears to be alot of pavement and not so much dirt. The island is very small and speed limits are lower than the main land. I have narrowed it down to a Yamaha WR250 or Suzuki DR400.

Now I have to decide between knobbie or street tires!

Bald Kirk

Also, I didn't know what to think when I saw the guy on a stretched Huyabusa (wearing flip flops, shorts, a t-shirt and no helmet) creeping along in the heavy Honolulu traffic. I felt sorry for him. All the pent up horsepower and testosterone going to waste.
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