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Clutch removal

Originally Posted by mcma111
Don't know why you want to pull the clutch though...
HeadTrauma has it right. The wheel and detent are firmly in place so the damage is inside the case. Even if I didn't have to split the cases for that reason, the engine has to come apart anyway.

This bike sat collecting dust for about 12 years without being started. During the abbreviated ride to the local mountain it was becoming obvious that every single seal on the engine was weeping oil. By the time I got back with the truck (about 45 minutes), there were three separate oil puddles under the engine.

I'm afraid it's time. Since it has to come apart, we're going to check every single part and replace all of the seals, any bearings that show any significant wear and anything that is not in spec. Will probably also hone the barrel and put in new rings.

So, the clutch will be coming out.....that is, after I follow your advice to reinstall the plates to get the nut off.

Thanks again folks.
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