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Cool, another rebuild. If you haven't read Gregster's rebuild thread, it would be a great idea to do so, his photos and hands-on layman's description of everything is super-helpful. There should be a link to it in any of his posts, his is the forst of this thread. He inspired and enlightened me in my rebuild quest, which led to much, much tinkering over the last two years.

Now I've got a 1998 XR600 bottom end with 1983 kickstart stuff and clutch cover in it, bolted to a 1985 xr600 cylinder with a wiseco piston inside it and an OEM 1983 rebuilt head and an aftermarket heed gasket that is on it's third use and doing fine. And with all this, the bike is running it's best in two years. I've learned that they're just parts, you have to learn to make them work for you!

Oh yeah, go read Gregster's rebuild thread. Contact me if you have trouble splitting the cases, I know a few tricks he doesn't show.
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