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2 Fieldsheer jackets, Sidi Vertebra Tepor boots

Cleaning out the closet and want to move my used gear. I live in Ft. Collins. No real price in mind - make me an offer via PM. I need the closet space, so I'll probably be pretty open.

Here's a pic of me in the HydroTour and Sidis just so you can get an idea what they fit like.

Fieldsheer Mach 4 armored mesh jacket, Size 3XL, obnoxious yellow & black w/ external rain liner. Used, but in good condition - couple of loose threads.
Link to stock photos, info.

Fieldsheer HydroTour 3/4-length touring jacket, size 3XL, formerly obnoxious yellow and black, now faded a bit, w/ zip-in thermal liner. Used, but in fair condition (this was my primary jacket for 2 years) - needs a wash, some pilling on one shoulder where my courier bag strap sat on the way to/from work every day. Works fine for me from 25F to 90F and in bucketing rain - it is very waterproof.
Link to stock photos, info.

A note on Fieldsheer's sizing, here: I'm 6'1" with a 49" chest and 38" waist. To FS, this seems to mean "XXXL". Go figure. I prefer to consider myself "big boned". Scorpion's jackets think I'm only an XL, so I like them better.

Sidi Vertebra Tepor race boots, size 44.
These _used_to_be_ nice and waterproof, but that's no longer true after 3 years of using them as my dailies. The soles have got some wear to them, but they're still good for a crash (I never had to test them, thankfully). If you want a cheap set of good boots for a track day, these might do it for you. I replaced the zipper pulls with some aircraft cable loops so they're a lot easier to get on.
Link to stock photos.
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