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Originally Posted by BeenThere
I just recently switched from a KLR650 to a KLX250S. The 650 was much nicer on the road being heavier and more powerful. I find the 250 adequate on the road, but a little lacking in power. I'm going to install the 351 kit though and that will take care of the power problem.

Being retired I don't commute, but the 250 is my regular ride for everything else. What's most important to me is how much more relaxed I am on the 250 over the 650. The 650 was very top heavy so I was always fearful I might drop it whether it be while riding trails, or even in parking lots. And, I knew I couldn't pick it up by myself when I did drop it, (dropped it 7 times in the dirt).

I'm glad I made the switch.

Ditto, Im a bit disappointed at how uncomfortable the KLX is on long trips, but the fact its a mx bike, its what you could expect. On the KLR I could make 750km in one day easy. That being said, the KLX is soooo much more fun in the city and on the trails. I havent dumped it yet, which speaks to how easy it is to control on the trails.
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