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Originally Posted by TNC
Yep, my recent annual 2-week Colorado trip finally convinced I want to stay street legal without aftermarket kits and such, but being that there are some good candidates like the KLX available, there's no reason for me to continue my weigh lifting program.
The 351 kit on the KLX is WONDERFUL, honest. It's apparently not any faster (same tranny) but the engine doesn't work as hard to do the work and it has much more power through the rev range. I've ridden Bakes (now Bobcat's) and Bill Blue's. Bake had the 351 kit with the stock carb and stock pipe. Bill had a pumper carb and a free-er breathing pipe. Bill's, with the pumper carb, felt like a 2 stoke - amazing burst of power (you'd never have known you were on a bike that left the showroom floor as a 250 4stroke) when you got on the throttle. But Bakes felt perfect. Smooth, linear power that you could feel as being well beyond the stock 250 (I'd ridden Charla's stock 250, then Bake's 351 then Bill's 351 with the pumper carb one after the other in the span of an hour - best way to test them out I can think of, all readily comparable).

Food for thought.
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