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Originally Posted by Blinkerfluid
The idea behind this game is to Tag some of the best locations in the country. I'd like to see it go from Coast to Coast, so as such I'll post the first tag shortly on the East Coast.

Rules for this version:

#2 Also, use your judgement on placing the tag to ensure that someone else will most likely come and get it, i.e. don't turn this into the "lets see who can find the most obscure tag location in history" thread.
From the first post of this thread...

Not sayin' these tags are super obscure, if you're from the area, but that isn't really the point of this game is it? Surely there is a local Tag-O-Rama for that kind of movement.

And do these really represent "some of the best locations in North America?"
Let's get 'er moving for real again, guys.
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