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Originally Posted by ULELUZE
I would say they do represent some of the best locations.
The last locations a wall dedicated to the achievements of this country and the people in it, including our first prime minister Sir John A MacDonald, The Schooner Bluenose ship which was the holder of the American Cup for many years and is featured on our currency, the CF-105 Avro a Canadian built aircraft that in the 50's was an amazing invention and change the industry, also shown is the CN tower which until recently was the tallest free standing building in the world. Rick Hansen is also on this wall, Rick was a Canadian Advocate for Spinal injuries and embarked on a 26 month 40,000 km tour around the world to raise awareness.
Before that it was at the Irish Famine monument dedicated to the thousands of Irish that came to this country to escape the famine that killed almost 1 Million.
Before that it was at the most well known provincial park in Canada.

Going through the history of this thread I have seen this Tag be located at Cell phone towers and restaurants, so I would say that the above TAG's are excellent locations and if you would like to find a better location you can come and grab it and move it there.

with all that said, and as you and the current holder are completely familiar with the area, I'll wave the flag and say that none of the tag/grab combos above explained anything whatsoever as to the "formal name" or "somewhat usable location for future reference" of any of the grabs...
Soooo, it kinda makes it a guessing game still for all the folks wondering where in the freaking "GWN" they really were...not that it really mattered, it would just be nice to know...get the picture?
I mean if the tag was soo cool in the first place, maybe give some explanation and relevant info on it for future reference...jmho, ymmv,
tia, and all that jazz....oh, I already have 3 asshats before you decide to honor me with one....I bought them all up there....
paid duty on them, and hauled them home for gifts, thank you.
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