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one last BIG weekend

Infidel, Warp9man and I were chatting the other day and decided we need one more big event before the snows set in. So, we are planning a season finale ride down at the Arizona Strip (not a gentleman's club, it's a huge chunk of BLM land south of St. George) October 23-27.

The plan is to take Warp9mans RV out south of St. George (to the dirt, where you pay no fees) and use it as "base" for 5 days of exploration. There is a huge bunch of land out there, varying from "super-single-track" to "I can almost get my mazda through here" so both small and big bikes could enjoy it. The thought is we could break off in some smaller groups each day according to bike size, interest, and skill level, go have fun, and still rally around together in the evenings for eating food and telling lies.

There are petryglyphs, old buildings, stark desert, piney mountains, gypsum mines, caves, and all sorts of neat stuff out there. For those interested, I will lead a day-trip up over Mount Trumbull and on over to my favorite part of the Grand Canyon......Toroweep point....there's no guard rail and no tourists with cameras standing in the way.

I used to live/work in this area and am excited to be going back. It's miles and miles of prime motorcycle enjoyment. Red cliffs, white washes, widlife, not many trucks on the road except for the occasional rancher, not much for touristy campsights, and lots of space.

Plus, we will be close to St. George so we could go into town to eat, get gas (or parts heaven forbid something breaks) and have "stuff" available. Those that wanted to camp could camp, those that wanted hotels room would be close to hotels. If some wanted to sneak off a day or two and do some fishing, there are multiple resivoirs close by.

For more info on the area we're headed to, click this link:

Anyone want to join us?
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