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Went out for a ride and stopped 5 miles from home to put in 1 gallon premium fuel. Bike almost would not start at the gas station. Got it running but would not run past half throttle. Limped it to dealer about 20 miles away. The bike would not start for them in the parking lot,but they pulled it right in( Sturgis BMW,Yamaha,Suzuki ROCKS) It started right up for them and they pulled the codes which came back saying short to ground(Voltage was 14.3 going there)which I was told was probably not cleared from my recent battery change. Ran like a champ coming home. Dealer recommended drilling air holes in my newly installed skidplate as vaporlock may have been the cause( I told them others have the same skid with no ill effects)

It's going in soon as the bike now does not stay running with the sidestand down and bike in neutral.

This bike is becoming a love/hate relationship and I am not sure if I will trust it until the problem is positively found and corrected. A new Akro exhaust might cheer me up
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