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More than agree! Superbird just brilliant bike by any means.

To be fair - that 700 Deauville engine probably is bulletproof and being undertuned does not need valves work for a while.
But what pissed me off - it is consumables that need changing with such pain in the...back side....

Tyre change? See above.
Coolant change? Tricky.
Electrics - I won't even touch that subject. Spark plugs? Oh God, please spare me!
Even brake pads is pain in the because of sliding calipers need to be taken off for that and rear one hardly fits into rear rim...

That friend of mine could not believe his eyes when I took my DR800 apart in 30 minutes on patch of grass in camping in mountains, checked all electrics (because of bike age wire soldered to lights switch simply rotten off it :)) identified problem and fixed it with couple of alien keys and soldering piece. All in all - 45 mins.
But he was also surprised when I changed spark plugs in my VTR Firestorm (superhawk) that required simple taking seat off

No, I am no luddist type. I am ex-engineer from engineers family. Mechanical devices must be serviceable as much as possible. Rule...
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