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Originally Posted by plumber mike

Back to the dealer today for loss of top end power and increase in decibels. Mechanic agreed something had come loose in the exhaust. Owner seems to be hellbent in thinking that skidplate is a problem(The noise is the skidplate resonating, the discoloration in the header is the lack of vent holes in the skid Oh and wherever I got that bad gas...Don't go back) Anyway the service manager(thinks it came loose when I "crashed" my bike even though there is not a scratch on the pipe) is ordering parts under warranty and will look into an upgrade. I told them to get some more comfortable chairs as I'm becoming a regular. I was also told it's normal for new BMW owners to be in often for the first 6 months, until the bugs are worked out
Mike-Janet from Joisey had what sounds like the same problem with her exhaust and was able to upgrade to the Akra can for $600 using the warranty. Man, if you can do it, that's the way to go. The first mod I made to my bike when it was new was to get rid of that ridiculous BMW can. Do you know that the R1200 silencer is physically smaller than the G650X? What's up with that? Get rid of it!
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