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So, I was just at the dealer yesterday. Apparently there was a recall on my 2007 Xcountry for a battery swap.
However, they were unable to resolve my stalling issue.
The bike has had the "pulse generator", or engine speed sensor, replaced for the stalling issue. Dealer claims it resolved the problem, which it did not.

When I start bike from cold, will run fine for ~20 seconds, then start to idle poorly, and then cut out. This will happen repeatably every time. Will only stay running if I warm it up.
Even when warm, bike will intermittently have poor idle, poor power delivery, and stall at a stop or while slowly turning.

I removed the charcoal canister & solenoid (following directions on this forum) in an attempt to alleviate this problem. It did not help. I asked the dealer to read the codes on it; it only showed:
"0443 - Timed valve tank breather, open circuit or output stage overloaded". Dealer said that remove the canister causes technical malfunctions with the bike. Dealer also said it is normal for the G650 line to run poorly and stall while cold. So pretty much they charged me $50 to warm up my bike for me... and that was even while they were making free money off recall repairs.

I'm going to try and contact BMW Motorrad directly and get a definite answer to whether or not the bike is designed to be able to idle when cold.

Hopefully I'll be able to borrow a GS911 unit and do some logging to figure out what is going on.
I'm going to reinstall the charcoal canister and solenoid to eliminate that variable.
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