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Originally Posted by ikonoklass
Amen. Of all the Euro bikes to bring here, why the Dullville?
I think it makes very good sense, as an antidote to all the silly cruiser stuff we've seen lately.
For once we see something cater to us boring, practical types! (maintenance issues, which were news to me, aside) Comparing it to, for example, an FZ6, is a bit off. I mean - shaft drive, full fairing, adjustable screen, comfortable seat, built in luggage that's very narrow (I love the pass-through, for things like tripods), and I might be wrong, but I think you can even get it with speakers in the fairing!
The closest bike I can think of was the BMW K75RT, which hasn't been around for ages. Currently, if you want something mid-sized for commuting and touring, our only choices were maxi-scoots.
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