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Originally Posted by plumber mike
The pipe is a goner either way.I think they should replace the head pipe too since it has now turned a blackened bronze color. I'll either get an Akro upgrade from the dealer or I'll get a brand new stock pipe that will sit on a shelf in my garage and have to buy a pipe(which will not make me happy) Or I can leave the stock pipe and go bug them every few months or few thousand miles. The dealer said they would give me like $4500 if the bike was in good condition which they consider mine not to be I've decided to ride it like I stole it for 3/36

apullin-Why did your dealer charge you $50? I would be pissed. It's funny how they never mentioned that the bike was a POS when you bought it.I don't think the dealers know any more than the guys on this forum. If they did they would be able to accurately diagnose and correct the problem. I am not buying the "bad gas" theory that I was told. I have now made it a point to buy gas from a different place each time.
I'd be concerned that the added back pressure which burned your head pipe also put some excessive wear on the exhaust valve.

I would not accept the bad gas theory either. Anyway, it's immaterial. Filling up with fuel is normal ops. If the gas were really bad, you are still due warranty. BMWNA can sue the fuel vendor if it can prove the gas is bad. It's not up to you to carry a fuel tester with you.
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