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I like the idea of a smaller tourer.

Couple things to consider: if you haven't checked lately, manufacturers have had an across the board increase.

A 2009 Suzuki C50T cruiser is $9,099. A Honda Shadow 750 is $7999. A non-ABS Strom 650 is $7999.

While I'd love honda to buy market share- the reality is this isn't priced way out of line with current offerings from overseas.

In addition, I think the size is fine for the average person who likes a roomy seat and some storage, but also fuel economy. In short, the PC800 crowd- who just want to ride in practicality.

I've been commuting primarily on an F650GS- and it's done fine. It's rated at 50bhp, and I've not felt it to be especially lacking in power needed for a variety of riding tasks and environments.

With a claimed 67 horsepower, this bike will have power comparable to many larger cruisers but with less weight. Shaft drive, tubeless tires, integrated storage, etc. etc. etc.- I'm excited.

As much as I have enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) my larger displacement bikes as well- the reality is that I don't see a need for mega-Mondo engines for cruising at 80mph. The smaller ones get it done, often with better gas mileage. I routinely ride at 80 on the 650, and get 50 mpg- I can't wait to see what this bike returns.

I canceled my DN-01 order for the floor- but I will have one of these on the floor as soon as we can. It looks like December, at this point.
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