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Originally Posted by ...SINGLE BOUND
2007 X-Challenge, Bought 8/2007 Problems began shortly after 6000mile service, Surging ,Erratic idle, Poor throttle response. My dealer has replaced parts. Roughly 700miles between incidents. After failed attempts to solve the problem I tried a different dealer who replaced same parts, All told I would say this bike has been at the dealer total of 60 days, And to think I'm still paying on loan and insurance. I just came from my dealer, He says the tech rep, requests changing out the wiring harness, Do I feel this will solve anything, Don't know, But the fact that my riding season is done simply says I'm filing for lemon law protection. Granted everything has been under warranty, but trying to account for lost riding time, I am beyond words. In my circle of friends and coworkers they feel I've held up pretty well. My self I say Enough, I GIVE UP!
I do feel your frustration and am sorry to hear about it. Keep us posted. I took some advice at the beginning of summer and bought a cheap back up bike. Why do I need a backup bike when I just bought a brand new bike. I'm frustrated too.I'm interested in your dealings pertaining to the lemon law protection(hoping it dosen't go that far, but knowledge is power)
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