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Originally Posted by ...SINGLE BOUND
I'm filing for lemon law protection
Good deal, that's what you should do. That should put the squeeze on BMW to figure out what's up.
Unfortunately, I can't do that, since I bought the bike used.

The dealer charged me $50 because, well, they wanted to charge me $102 for 1 hour of labor to "troubleshoot" the problem. I had request that they just read the ECU codes, but then they tried to troubleshoot it apparently.
Even though they did NOTHING; one serviceman claimed capping the line that went up under the intake box was a bad idea; I was under the impression that just went to a vacuum port on the TB? Oh well, I reinstalled charcoal canister now.

I realize that I put myself in a bad position by bringing it in without the charcoal canister installed.
And I'm a little annoyed that a dealership at which I've had several hundred dollars of service done (warranty & drop repairs) won't just read my codes gratis. Anyhow, I still have the papers, I'll attempt to get it refunded or comp'd somewhere in this epic saga.

So, I talked to a mechanic that fixes the Can-Am Spyders, which have rotax 990 engines; he says that the first thing he'd do is check the valve clearance. Will I void my warranty if I do that myself?

It seems like a number of people are having serious problems. I would say there is something endemic to this design. Maybe it's on Rotax's shoulders, maybe BMW. I'm going to have to totally re-engineer this bike to figure this issue out. Just have to get my hands on a GS911 unit.
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