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Originally Posted by RedRocket
I saw one this morning. At the Cars & Coffee show. Silly me, I was taking phone pics of the Dullsville, when there was a nice Triumph cafe racer, and and RC45 beside it.

Anyways, it looked pretty good. I hate to say it, but that gutless lump of a bike actually fits my current riding profile pretty well. (Big surprise, I'm a PC800 owner). I didn't get to see the bags open, but the ass is narrower than my PC, so I doubt that a full face helmet is going inside it. It was interesting to see chromed tube handlebars on a modern bike, and the dash looked like it came from a Civic. Overall, I liked the look of it, and it's intended purpose seems to come across in the way it looks, just very practical. The windshield looks like it's adjustable too. Maybe one of you Brits can verify that.
OK, since my comment on maintenance was purely about maintenance let me try to give you more information.

As I mentioned before - you can order it with XL panniers lids that are quite deeper and allow you to easily stuff full face helmet plus countless stuff (as my friend on Norway ride did). Panniers are interconnected, so that luggage space are across both sides above rear wheel.
It is suprisingly agile and fast on backroads. Honda top box also available, as well as bellypan/feet protector that covers feet from water from under front wheel. Unfortunately at 280 Euro it is way to dear and instead aftermarket parts are cheaper and better looking.
Windshield is adjustable, but not "remotely" as on ST1300. Just mechanics - loose bolts, move, tighten.
Fuel exonomy is excellent. Not sure how to translate it to mpg but it took 4.5 - 5.5 liter per 100 on that trip.
In a falls those little pieces of grey plastic protect fairing from scratches quite well (my friend tested it unfortunately).
CABS is standard and works brilliantly. Brakes just really good.
Excellent ground clearance too.
Injection works perfectly too. Lightweight - it isn't, and you will feel it until it starts to move (typical Honda).
Top speed tested to be about 198 kmph.

Apart from pain in the backside for maintenance (which is more of problem for non-experience wrenches :)) and fact that it is JUST A MOTORCYCLE it is excellent real life machine.
However, build quality is not as old Deauville, but unless you nitpicking kinda guy (I am) you will not even notice it.
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